I have a Gerber E-Z-Out 8″ knife that I originally bought for gutting fish, but I liked it so much that I carried it around with me everywhere I went. A few months ago, the screw that attaches the belt clip stripped, so I couldn’t clip it onto the inside of my pocket anymore, and it looked pretty gay just resting all the way in my pocket (Are you happy to see me, or is that…?).
I wasn’t about to pay for shipping to send the knife back to Gerber and have it fixed, and more than likely get charged more than I paid for the damn thing. So yesterday, I drilled the hole out a little bigger, and used one of those flat-headed hard drive screws (the ones that hold the drive in the bay) to hold the belt clip on. After only one day of use, that screw is already stripped, so I’m back to where I started. I think the steel on the knife is too strong for any screw to tap into, so I guess I’m fucked. I mean, the knife is still good, but it’s a pain in the ass to carry around now… 🙁

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