Sprite Sucks

While I was drinking my third 34 oz. Sprite yesterday, I started getting a headache. And I realized that always happens when I drink a lot of Sprite. My head only hurt when I had the taste of Sprite in my mouth. So I’m back to Dr. Pepper today.
At the junkyard, I found an ’81 Ford with the parking brake intact and working well. The engine compartment and interior were almost completely stripped, so it was easy getting the brake unbolted from the firewall. But there was a bolt under the dash that was a pain in the ass, ’cause I didn’t have a 5/32″ socket. After trying with pliers and various other tools, I just broke the part of the dash that was blocking my way, then used a crescent wrench. After that I thought I was finished, but there was too much tension on the brake cable, and I couldn’t get it disconnected from the brake assembly. If the truck still had rims and tires on it, I could have crawled under and disconnected the cable easily, but the frame of the truck was almost sitting on the ground. So I had to cut the cable, and that was a pain in the ass too. I had some cutters capable of cutting through cable that thick, but they’re lost somewhere. So all I had were the cutters on my needle-nose pliers, and it took me 20 minutes or so just to cut/tear the cable.
After all that work, out in the sun, I was sweating like mad, and I needed something to drink. For some reason, Dr. Pepper didn’t sound very refreshing, and Sprite sounded damn good, so that’s what I got. Maybe the sun temporarily fried my brain…

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