I decided that at least once during this vacation from work, I’d get drunk. Really drunk. And I’m in the process of doing that right now. 🙂 I’m about 1/3 into a limeade & rum daquiri (a huge one), so I’m just beginning to space off a bit. I actually drink quite a bit, but it’s usually only a glass of wine here, or a bottle or two of beer there. But I rarely ever get sloshed.
Traci and I went to the San Rafael Swell today. It was way hot down there, and the San Rafael River was really muddy and rather low, so we didn’t do any fishing like we had planned. But we had fun, and took a lot of pictures.
In fact, I’ve taken a lot of pictures in the past several days, which I will scan in and put in the pictures section of my site…which I badly need to redesign. The main page takes a long time to load with all the thumbnails, so I guess I need to break everything up into categories.

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