My wife and I were bored today, so we decided to go for a drive. As we were driving through town, I kept asking her where she wanted to go, but she didn’t know. So I decided to go to East Carbon, a city (err…dinky little town) about 25 miles from Price. The road to East Carbon is a dead end…it goes to that city and nowhere else. I’ve only been there once, but it was a while ago and I don’t remember much about it.
We just drove on the main road through East Carbon, which eventually turned into a dirt road and went up some canyon. I really wanted to head up the canyon to see where the road went, but I didn’t want to get my truck dirty, since I just washed it Sunday…I especially didn’t want to scuff the sidewalls on the tires, which I spent so much time cleaning and scrubbing. 🙂 Anyway, I just took a whiz there on the dirt road, then we turned around and headed home. It was getting dark out, and we saw a few deer just off the side of the road. And the sunset was damn nice-looking…the sun was large and red, and the clouds turned from red to dark purple.
There’s really no point to this story…except that I had a surprisingly good time. It was just peaceable, and fun since I was doing something I don’t normally do. I saw a lot of dirt roads and trails that look like they’ll be fun to go off-roading on, so next time I’m in the mood, I’m gonna head up there and do some exploring.

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