This weekend has gone by too fast. I can barely remember what I did this weekend, but it doesn’t seem like I did everything I wanted to do.
Even though I got a new sending unit for my temperature guage in my truck, it still doesn’t seem to be working, or so the mechanic told me. He said the guage shows the engine running hot, but it’s really running at normal temperature. He suggested that I get an aftermarket guage just to make sure, because if the engine overheats and I don’t catch it before it’s done damage, he won’t cover it under warranty. So I bought a new guage today and tried to install it. First of all, whoever designed the guage should be shot. The guage consists of a long metal tube filled with ether, and when the ether heats up and expands, it causes the needle on the guage to go up. There is a large threaded nut on the end of the sensor that screws into a hole in the engine block, and since the metal tube can’t be disconnected from the guage, you have to put the entire thing (the sensor and 7/8″ nut) through the firewall. So I had to drill a 1″ hole in my firewall to accomodate the nut, but the metal tube is less than 1/4″ in diameter, so I’m left with all that space to fill up with a rubber grommet. And I had to borrow a 3/8″ drill (one of those big suckers with 2 handholds on it) and a 1″ drill bit from my father-in-law. So anyhow, I finally got all that done, and I tried to remove one of the metal plugs that was threaded into a hole on my thermostat housing so I could screw the sensor in, and the damned thing was stripped. I can’t get the plug out, and now I can’t screw it back in tightly. So I can’t start my truck because as soon as the thermostat opens up, it’ll shoot antifreeze all over the place. Tomorrow, I have to go buy another thermostat housing and gasket, and try again.
Each year for the 4th of July, my family and my wife’s family have a barbeque over at my mom’s house. So I’ve bought steaks and all the fixin’s I need to make daquiris, and I’m really looking forward to it all. Last year was pretty fun, but I could hardly stand up straight when it was all over. 🙂
This Thursday through Sunday is my wife’s family reunion, and they’re having it up Huntington Canyon (as usual). So I’m going to buy a shitload (which is probably equivalent to about 20) fishing lures, since I lose them so often, and I’ll spend the entire time fishing. I may even get adventurous and go on a bike ride or a hike.

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