Demolition Derby

Oh yeah baby, the demolition derby is tonight. It’s one of the few public events that I enjoy attending. It’s worth putting up with all the stupid fucking rednecks to see cars beat the shit out of each other. I think it helps tame some of my aggression, because it’s not really socially acceptable to ram other cars when the driver cuts you off in traffic or is just going too damn slow.
Although, there’s a guy I went to school with who did something like that. I think it was 4 or 5 years ago, he got pissed off at some guy in the Pizza Hut parking lot, and hopped in his Geo Metro and repeatedly rammed the other guy’s car until his Metro wouldn’t go anymore. I feel like doing that quite often…

1 thought on “Demolition Derby

  1. November 28th 2003 Demolition derby at the E-center..It so happens to be my Birthday..Im going to put Colby Ellis #35 on his lid and Russ Slater #42 If he gets In my way..All Hail #136 Nick Notwell…

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