Women Drivers

Women shouldn’t be allowed to drive, period. My wife and I went to Gas-N-Go to get something to drink, and she was driving ’cause she was going to her mom’s house after she dropped me off back home. As she was taking a corner, she cut it really sharp and drove over a grate that the gutter drains into. The road had been paved so many times without the previous layers of pavement being removed, that the grate was sunk down about 4 or 5 inches below the road surface. My truck could have handled a bump like that, but definitely not my car. It jolted the car so damn bad, I hit my head on the ceiling. When we stopped at Gas-N-Go, I checked to see if there was any damage, and there sure was. The top of the front-right tire had hit the fender hard enough to bend it, causing the paint to crack and peel. There was already a little body damage there from a previous wreck, but now it looks even worse with black primer showing through. I’m surprised it didn’t cut the tire too, which would have made me even more pissed off.
I was really pissed off as it was, and my wife simply said, “Sorry, I didn’t see it.” I sure as hell saw it, and I even said, “Whoa!” but it was too late for her to swerve.
Sure, any guy could have made that same mistake, and some women might even have avoided it, but I sure as fucking hell wouldn’t have driven over it.

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