Fuck Yeah!

I got something in the mail today from the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office. At first, I thought they had finally caught up to me, but it turned out to be something very good.
About two years ago, on the 4th of July, I got a call from a check-cashing place called Cash Action in Salt Lake City asking if I had written a check to somebody for $300 for auto parts, which I sure as hell hadn’t. So I looked in my checkbook and noticed several checks missing. Some (alleged) fucking bitch had (allegedly) stolen some checks from me and was cashing them all over the state.
I had completely given up on her facing charges, but she finally went to court over the matter yesterday. I got the notice letter a little late because it was originally mailed to my old address in Springville, and the good ol’ USPS takes its sweet time forwarding mail down here. She was charged with 3rd degree felony forgery, and hopefully she was convicted. I’m gonna call up there later today to find out what happened, but I’m pretty certain she’s in jail right now.

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