I Got Front and Back, Side to Side

Looks nice, eh? 🙂 Thanks to Mike for checkin’ it out for me in BeOS. I only made sure it worked in IE5 and Netscape 4. Anyway, I moved most of the links to their own links page, and kept my favorites on the front.
I added links to Misunderstood and Sloncha.com. I also told Chris I’d plug Team Dawghouse, so there you go.
Man, I’ve been on an old-skool gangsta rap kick for the past few days. I pulled out my old Snoop Dogg CD, and I’ve been listening to Dre and Eazy-E mp3s. It’s just funny how white boys like me really get into that gangsta shit.
And, just in case you didn’t know, my ICQ number is 4371305. Add me.

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