I spent almost all day installing a doorbell in my house. When I moved in, it had one of those shitty wireless doorbells that didn’t even work, so I threw that shit away and bought one that runs off of AC. Anyway, I was reading the installation instructions, and they had this propaganda in there:

Trine door chimes are decorative, as well as functional. Fashionably designed, they may be an exciting focal point in your home. Place them at eye level as you would any picture or artwork

Yeah right, I can just see me hanging that ugly-ass doorbell in my living room. The only reason it would be a focal point is that it’s an eyesore. I actually mounted it in the stairwell above the back door, where nobody will really see it. The hardest part about it was running (and trying to hide) wire through the house. I’m still having a problem getting the wire from the front door to the transformer. I got some sweet lookin’ old-skool doorbell buttons, round brass with black buttons. They match my house pretty well.
I got this email today, and thought I’d pass the word on:

Misunderstood & Ellicit will be holding the “Design A Splash Contest” for 1 month (4.23.00-5.23.00). We want it to really be big so we are asking your help. All we ask is that you plug us and tell people about it. Thanks man. and

I’m gonna shave most of my hair off again tonight. Life’s just so much easier when you have one less thing to worry about. 🙂 I went crazy in college about 4 years ago and shaved my head totally bald and got my right ear pierced (I already had 3 holes in the left ear). Ever since, I’ve kept my hair cropped pretty close. Only G.I. Jorge keeps it cut shorter (heh…probably one person who reads this site will get that one…)

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