Everything and Nothing

There are so god damn many e/n sites out there now. I really think it’s a good thing, though. Someday, who knows when, the internet will become saturated with e/n sites, and most of them will fall back and *not* be replaced with ten more each. And when the fallout settles, who will be there? The big guys, of course, like bamf, roosh, hear ye, shlongy, and hopefully some of the better guys, like techno weenie, ty, rebelo, red, and the other orange-dot guys. But as I try to envision a year or two into the future, I don’t know if I can see myself still here doing this. I see myself working, playing, changing diapers, and all that brady bunch shit. Jeez, I just stopped using proper capitalization…
I’ve gotten tons of link requests lately. Don’t worry guys, I’m not ignoring you (much). I’ve been working on a new layout, and I’ve sorta been ignoring my site a bit…at least as far as you can tell. It’ll be up in a few days, and regular updating shall commence.
Since I moved to Price, I stopped getting decent radio stations. I can get one country station, and one pop station. And that’s it. So I’ve been deaf to the music world lately, and I decided to see what’s new. I downloaded some Incubus, Filter, RHCP, and Smashing Pumpkins, and it’s sure a welcome change to all the old mp3s I’ve been listening to. I’m about burned out on Sublime and Tool and Rage.
My tongue hurts. I’ve been eating sunflower seeds all day, and my tongue is all sore and swollen-feeling. And I don’t have enough Dr. Pepper to wash it all down with, damnit.

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