I’m sitting here, drinking my Jones Cherry Soda, listening to RHCP, wondering what the hell to write. Red had a damn good update today. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. He reminded me how much I miss that smell. Especially in the morning.
I have to get up at 5:45 tomorrow morning so I can be to work before 7:30. The drive usually takes me 75 minutes or so, thanks to my little Nissan. I love making that drive so early in the morning. The lack of traffic allows me to maintain a decent speed, so on the occasion when I come up behind a deisel, I usually fly around them doing 40 miles an hour faster than them. That’s a nice feeling. There have been times when I passed four or five trucks in a row, usually afraid that a car will be coming the opposite direction, leaving me nowhere to go but off the road. I still love making that drive, though.

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