Windows 2000 Blues

I attempted a win2k install last night, but it went horribly wrong. I always get scared when installing something new like this (or any of the flavas of linux I’ve tried), and this is the reason why. I started the install from within win98, and it did all its mumbo-jumbo before restarting. It had written to the master boot record before restarting, and I assumed that it had gotten rid of LILO from my previous linux install. When it restarted, instead of the install picking back up, LILO tried to load, but it never actually got to the place where I got a choice of which o/s to load. It just said, “LIL-” and froze up there. I tried booting from the CD and starting the install, and I tried booting from a floppy and running the install, but each time the install restarted my computer, LILO froze up on me. I finally decided to go to bed around 4:00 a.m., and just call Ty in the morning to gimme a hand.
Little did I know about the “fixmbr” command. I booted from the CD, chose to repair a current install of win2k, and typed “fixmbr” at the command line. Well, it worked, and now I can at least boot into win98, but now the install gives me an error when it tries to format the hard drive I’m trying to install to. It says something like, “Setup could not format the drive you selected. Either your computer does not have enough memory, or some files on the installation CD are corrupted.” It then forces me to exit the install. I guess win2k wasn’t meant to exist on my computer.

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