Mojo Risin'

I’m so out of shape. It had been a while since I rode my mountain bike, so I took it out for a spin today. There’s a little dirt trail just outside of town that eventually ends, and you have to ride cross-country to get to this town called Kenilworth (the town I grew up in, actually) about 5 miles away. I had made the trip once in high school, but it kicked my ass so hard I ended up taking the next day off from school because I was so exhausted.
Well, I tried the trip again today, and I didn’t even get close to Kenilworth before turning around and coming back. But I decided that I am going to get in shape and make the trip sometime this summer. And maybe even head down to Moab and check out some of that slickrock that everybody’s always talkin’ about. Then again, I do enjoy being lazy… 🙂

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