Netscape 6 Preview

I had a nice little review of Netscape 6 Preview written up, but unfortunately, I was writing it using Netscape 6 Preview, and it fucked it all up, so here goes again:
Ty mentioned that Netscape 6 Preview has been released, so I figured I’d give it a try. So far, it’s been nice, with the exception of the above-mentioned fuck up. I had written my story in News Publisher, clicked the Preview button, wanted to make a correction, clicked the Back button, and all my form data was gone. The good things about the Preview are: it (finally!) supports the CSS that I use on this page, and it doesn’t reload the page when I resize the window. Another thing that doesn’t work right yet is when you hit the enter key in a form, it doesn’t perform the default action (usually Submit), so you have to click the button with the mouse or tab over to it and hit enter.
It looks pretty snazzy, though. I think when they get all the bugs worked out, Netscape will finally be giving Internet Explorer a run for its money.
Download the goods here.

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