Slackin' Off

Yeah, I’m slackin’ off. I’ve been busy building a speaker box for my truck. I have two 12″ MTX Road Thunder Pros, a Sentrek 320 watt amp, and a prefab box that was barely big enough to fit into the trunk of my Ford Escort. Now I’ve got a Nissan 240SX that has even less room in the trunk, so the speakers have just been sitting around for a long time. I finally got sick of not having a system, so I decided to build a speaker box for my truck. I figured that my wife was spending so damn much money on scrapbook crap, that it was time I got a new CD player too. 🙂
Ty put “Ain’tnobodygonnabreakamystride” in the title of his page, so all last night I had that god damned song in my head! Damnit! I don’t think it’ll ever go away…

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