Yesterday was a pretty busy day. My wife and I had 7 people over for dinner, so we spent most of the day getting ready (shopping, cleaning house, preparing food, etc). I also managed to squeeze a little yard work in. Ty brought a shitload of DVDs over, but didn’t stay after dinner to watch them. So a few of us watched Mystery Men, then after everyone left, I watched Army of Darkness.
I’m watching a NASCAR race now (Jeff Burton’s out, damnit!), but when it’s over, I’m gonna try to watch The Professional, Stargate, and Stargate: SG-1.
I signed up for NetFlix the other day, so I’ve got 4 DVDs on order that should be here tomorrow. I seriously think I’m going to be spending more time watching movies in the next little while than I normally spend on the internet (which is a lot of time!) ? šŸ™‚
My friend Ryon pointed me to a pretty cool website, They sell some pretty cool geek products, like a Linux fish (parody of the Jesus fish/Darwin fish/etc.), and a Perl bumper sticker that just says #!/usr/bin/perl. I don’t think I’m geek enough to actually purchase anything from them, but I just got a few laughs out of some of their products.

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