I went 4-wheeling this evening, took a corner way too fast, and hit into this dirt embankment. There was snow on the ground and mud underneath, so my front-left tire just slid up the embankment a little, and I gunned it and kept going. About an hour ago, I remembered that I hadn’t turned the hubs back to “Free,” so I went to do it and I heard air leaking from that tire. My truck is parked out back in a bunch of mud, so I didn’t want to fool with changing the tire just now, so I just jacked the front-end up a little so the rim doesn’t rest on the tire when it goes completely flat. Anyway, I still got muddy as hell just putting the jack under the truck–I might as well have changed the tire while I was at it. But hell, it’s dark and cold out there, so piss on it.
That lovable guy Sung has decided to follow in you-know-who’s footsteps. Check out his webcam and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’ll be gone tomorrow morning, so if you’re reading this too late, you missed out. šŸ™‚

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