Aaahhhhh Yeahhhhhh

Things are beginning to return to normal around here, but I’ve still got a lot of unpacking and miscellaneous junk left to do before I’ll consider myself “settled in” to the new house. I took a few pictures for your enjoyment (wait a minute, if you’re looking at these for pure enjoyment, you should seek psychiatric help quick!) Click for a larger image, mouse over for a description, blah blah blah:

My house! My computer desk
My bed cut in half Ty helping put the bed back together The finished product

Those last three pictures are of my bed. We had to literally cut the box springs in half to fit them down the stairs to my bedroom. Ty helped me out (thanks!), that’s him in the center-bottom picture. If you check out the last picture, you can see where we cut the bed, then nailed 2X4s in between the boards that we cut. Then we just stapled the pad and cover back on, and it’s as good as new (at least I hope so–it hasn’t broken yet).
Thanks again to Blatz, Mike, and ErlK0nig for keepin’ things goin’ around here. Hopefully I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule the middle of next week…

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