so far, so good.

By mike — I looked all around my apartment this morning for enough money to get a soda (pop) for my class this morning. All I could come up with was 25 cents. I put the 25 cents in my pocket and hoped that I’d find some change in my Explorer. No luck, of course. I walked through the commons, keeping an eye on the ground, hoping to find a quarter. Still no luck. I gave up and went to class. I slumped down in my chair, shaking from caffine withdrawl, and started arranging the PC in front of me to make room for my laptop. And just what do you think I found when I moved the keyboard out of the way? If you guessed a quarter, you’re just about right. I found 35 cents to be exact. Just when you think hope is lost, sometimes something presents itself.
Hopefully nobody will get the wrong idea about the message presented in this post and jump off of a very tall building, expecting to be miraculously saved just before they hit the ground. Finding a quarter is one thing, growing wings is another.

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