Hey All

By ErlK0nig — Well it’s 1:56 AM Sunday, and I’m tired as butt-hole. I worked from 4:30 till 11:15, and I feel old. Yes boys and girls old. Anyways I plan to be taking a hiatus here for a week or two, while the new boss (Big Papa Dennis, as some of you may know him as) moves into his new house. So anyone who had taken an interest in my writing, this is where you’ll find me. Also for anyone who reads this page often and because of something I’ve said, wrote, or otherwise implied, has a deep and utter distaste for me, come back in two weeks, cause I’m not taking it. You heard me, straight to the corner with your punk little hinny! Anyways, now it’s 2:01 AM and I’ve gotta be at church in 8 hours.
So like I promised Dennis I would do, I’m now running Spell Check, and boom, my first post!

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