Utah Politicians

I’ve been hearing about this for quite a while, but saw an article about it over at Baefed and decided to comment on it. It’s H.R.2987, the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 1999. This bill is supposed to make it illegal to “distribute by any means information pertaining to, in whole or in part, the manufacture or use of a controlled substance…” which also includes linking to such material on the internet. Also included in the bill is a section designed to make it illegal to “directly or indirectly advertise for sale drug paraphernalia…” which is to include linking to such websites that sell paraphernalia.
What’s not surprising is that Senator Orrin Hatch, from Utah, introduced this bill to the Senate, and Congressman Chris Cannon, also from Utah, is sponsoring this bill in the House. Leave it to Mormon Utahns to try to limit free speech. Since when is information illegal? Since never, damnit! I’m sure that if this bill passes the House (and it likely will), it will be vehemently fought by the ACLU and others, and will eventually be squashed. But still, you gotta hate those bastards for even trying.

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