Pole :)

I put a new poll up, just because a lot of people have mentioned that there are too many e/n sites out there lately. I have to agree with them, too. My link list gets bigger all the time, and it takes me 45 minutes to read all my daily reads, which I usually do 2 or 3 times daily. Damn, that’s a lot of time. There are just too many sites that I really like, but it’s getting to be more of an inconvenience to read them all, and I’m sure my wife hates it too. I spend 8 hours working on the computer all day, then spend a few more hours surfin’ sites and messing around with my own site. And I don’t see this “e/n craze” ending anytime soon. More and more people discover this genre every day, and some start up their own e/n site, which makes it easier for others to discover the whole thing…and the cycle starts all over again.
Not that I’m really complaining, because I think these sites are good and deserve more attention. I guess I just need to limit myself to how long I spend viewing them.

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