I’ve been spending a lot of time on IRC lately. When my town first got internet access (back in ’96 I think), that’s all I ever did was chat with a group of people that I eventually came to know very well. Anyway, I’ve been hangin’ out on #badassmofo (pretty boring, usually), #thestileproject (same, but not quite as bad), #html (fun, especially when you know the answer), and #webhelp, where I’m a channel operator.
Anyhow, stop in sometime and say hi, or you can just say “you suck”, that would be cool too. 🙂
Oh, and I (finally) put a tracker on this page (very bottom center). I once had a HitBox tracker on here, but they really sucked. This time, I used eXTReme Tracking, and they seem to be ok, though it takes a while for the hits to actually show up.
One more thing: new link to the Salty One. 🙂 Check it.

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