I was informed by Ty and Ryon (both friends of mine) that Corel has a kickass Linux distribution that easily rivals Windows. I’ll have to check it out sometime. Soon. 🙂
I was at a junk yard getting some parts for my truck today, and I had my arm inside a door trying to pull a clip off the lock mechanism. Well, the clip broke and my arm jerked backwards really hard, and I cut the hell out of myself. It was bleeding so bad I couldn’t see how bad the cut was. I dripped blood all the way to the main office while carrying my toolbox with my good arm and the parts with my bad arm. After I got the wound cleaned up and sorta stopped the bleeding, I realized how bad it was. It’s one of those “shoulda gone to the hospital but couldn’t afford it” cuts. I just put three bandaids on it and I hope it doesn’t get gangrenous. 🙂
Oh, and check the new link, Clockwork.

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