The Fight Club

Ok, so all the kids are talking about the Fight Club. I figgered I’d go give it a gander. Damn, that movie kicked ass! (Heheh, too bad you missed out Ty…you probably wouldn’t have liked it anyway.) 🙂 There was one special effect in particular that totally (heheh) blew my mind! You don’t ever get to see stuff like that in real life, or at least not in slow motion.
I saw the chief of police in the theater, and he and his wife and another couple walked out of the theater about an hour into the movie. I don’t know what the hell they expected…couldn’t you tell from the commercials that it was going to be a pretty graphic movie?! Anyway, too bad for those closed-minded people who miss out on good stuff like that… 🙂
Like Sharkey says, “Go see Fight Club jackholes!”

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