Three Kings

While I was watching Casino tonight on TV, I saw a movie preview for Three Kings, starring George Clooney, Marky-Mark, and Ice-Cube. It’s supposed to be about three American soldiers who go after some of Saddam’s stashed gold just after the Gulf War ends. Now, I don’t expect the plot to be too deep on this one, but it sure as hell looks entertaining. It’s been awhile since I saw a purely entertaining movie (one that wasn’t meant to be stimulating, but meant only to entertain). It starts October 1st, and I can’t hardly wait to see it. Too bad I’ll have to see it in a crappy theater in Price. 🙂 Oh yeah, if you check out their website, follow the “assmap” link. There’s nothing there but some cryptic nonsense (for now, anyway), but it makes you wonder what the assmap is…
One more thing: on the Three Kings website, doesn’t George Clooney look just like a Half-Life soldier? 🙂

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