Garth Goes Pop?

Well hooooo-ly crap. Garth Brooks will be releasing a new album in October, but it’s not what you might think. He, in partnership with his film company, Red Strokes Entertainment, is trying to create a film character way before the film is released. The movie, “The Lamb,” is supposed to be a thriller about a rock singer named Chris Gaines. The album, “In the Life of Chris Gaines,” tries to build the character up and the liner notes provide a history of Chris’ life and career.
It is quite odd, and not something you’d expect from the Garthmeister. Garth Brooks, as a country singer, kicks all kinds of ass. He even did a cover of a Kiss song, “Hard Luck Woman,” on the Kiss tribute album, “Kiss My Ass.” And he kicked ass on that song. But this Chris Gaines stuff is just plain freaky. Seriously, it freaks me out. Anyway, check out the Chris Gaines website and check Garth out. Oh yeah, I guess I better mention I stole this link from Roosh Net. 🙂

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