Nothing Much

Well, it’s getting farther and farther between posts. I’ve been pretty busy lately with work, trying to sell my Jeep, helping my mom with some stuff, and all kinds of other junk.
Anyway, to appease your e/n craving (or is it just mine?), I guess I can spare a few minutes to bitch about something. In this article, it says a bunch of people from were bitching about a Skyy vodka advertisement that shows an Asian woman serving a drink to some hot white chick. They didn’t like the ad because it “just perpetuates all the stereotypes of Asian Americans.” Now when I saw the picture in the ad, I didn’t immediately think of Asians as subservient. It took an Asian to point that out to me. Now who is perpetuating stereotypes?
On a partially related note, just what the hell is an Asian American? Someone who has the ethnicity of an Asian but who lives in the US? What the hell does that make me? A Dutch American? How many generations must be born in the US to be considered a Plain Old American? I guess if you think about it, we’re all Mesopotamian Americans, if you consider that all human life supposedly originated from the area now known as Mesopotamia…

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