Stupid F@*%&#$ Old Man

I went to the car wash last night to wash my Jeep, and I put a five dollar bill into the change machine. It took my five, but didn’t give me any change. I was pretty pissed about it, but as I was looking around the attendant’s booth for a phone number or something, the machine dropped four quarters. I thought, “Great, now I gotta wait around for 10 more minutes for this thing to finish spitting out my change.” It never did give me the rest of my money, so I went home and looked up the car wash in the yellow pages. There was a number listed, but there was no answer. So my wife called back today while I was at work, and some old guy answered and she explained what happened. He said he could give us four dollars worth of tokens for the automatic car wash, but not the quarters we were supposed to get. She told him that I got off work soon and we’d just come down and settle it in person. I got there and told him I wanted my money, and he still refused to give it to me, saying that I cost him a lot of money by jamming his change machine all night. I told him his change machine is costing me $4 because it chews up anything you put in it. I argued with that old bastard for five minutes before he got sick of me arguing and gave me my 4 bucks. And people wonder why there’s so much violence nowadays. šŸ™‚

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