I was checkin’ out Roosh and schlyer made a post about gun control, and asked for suggestions for gun control measures. I responded, and liked it so much I thought I’d put it up here:

Sadly, the only gun control measures that could be taken that would actually prevent stuff like Columbine would be to outlaw guns, and destroy as many of them as the gub’ment can get their hands on. Sure, it’s not practical (probably not even possible), but no other way would be effective. You can regulate guns, have waiting periods and background checks, but a person who wants to break the law and shoot someone isn’t going to hesitate to break the law to obtain a gun.
Now, I own several rifles and use them for target shooting and hunting, and I don’t think I’d give them up to prevent myself from being a victim of some crazy kid with a handgun. To me, it’s not worth it. There’s still the likelyhood that someone will bludgeon me with a hammer or stab me with a knife.
To give up a “freedom” (depending on how you interpret the constitution) like that, I don’t think it’s worth decreasing my chances of being killed in some violent manner by .01 percent.

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