Oh, I forgot, tomorrow is the day when you’re not supposed to buy gasoline, to protest the high prices or something. I filled up tonight, so I don’t gotta worry ’bout it now, but I forgot to post the reminder here. It’s probably too late now for those of you who are getting low…
I’m thinking about getting a used Pentium 150 or 166 (something dirt-cheap, anyway) to run Linux on. I just don’t want to let the Linux craze pass me by. 🙂 I’ve got a little experience on other platforms, such as Unix and NT, but almost all my computer experience is in dos/win31/95/98. And I’ve never been on a Mac ever. It will just be nice to learn something new and broaden my horizons (or something like that).
One more note: I’m hiring for a full-time/permanent position where I work. Anyone interested in a job in Utah County (Provo), Utah, email me for details. Starts between $9 and $10 per hour, requires a Bachelor, or an Associate + a couple years related work experience.
Heh…I got hit by the Melissa virus at work this morning. 🙂 My company has an office in England, and that’s where I got it from, from two different people. The Word document was called HTRAIN~1.DOC. So far, everyone who’s gotten it in my office has recognized what it was and hasn’t opened the attachment. Most people in my office are using Lotus cc:Mail, but several are using Outlook…I just hope nobody is dumb enough to open the attachment. 🙂
Since Norton Antivirus didn’t catch the virus (even when I saved the document to disk and manually scanned it), I didn’t wanna open it in Word, so I opened it up in a hex editor. It turns out that it’s not the original document the virus originated from, with the list of porn sites; it was just a training schedule written by someone in the company. So his/her must be infected now. 🙂 What’s really sad is that just a few minutes ago, I got another message with an infected document, but this one was from someone in IT! I can’t believe someone who works in Information Technology wouldn’t recognize it for what it was…

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