Whoa. I found some really scary stuff when I was checking the contents of a bunch of old floppies before I threw them away. I first made a personal web page when I was in college a little over 2 years ago. Well, I didn’t think I saved any of it, but apparently I did, so here it is. I’m really embarassed about it, and it’s ok to laugh at my dumb ass. Just remember, it was a long time ago, and I was a newbie to the internet and web pages… 🙂
I was playing on the web tonight (or this morning, rather) and found GeekForce. The name suggested to me that it might be a cool site (you know, like GeekLife), but it wasn’t really all that cool. But, there was one kinda funny thing on the main page. When I first loaded the page, it read at the bottom, “Best viewed in Navigator…the browser you aren’t using” and had the Netscape logo. I thought to myself, “What self-respecting geek would use Netscape? This cannot be so.” So I loaded it up in Netscape (ugh), and at the bottom, it read, “Best viewed in Internet Explorer…the browser you aren’t using.” Just thought that was kinda funny. 🙂

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