People Suck

You’ve probably heard by now about the guy who shot up a building full of Mormons today. If not, check it out at CNN. I’ll bet this guy spent a lot of time playing Doom, watching The Basketball Diaries, and surfin’ porn sites. Or maybe he was just fucked up like this kid. It’s sad when, no matter how you think you’ve been wronged, you can always find someone to sue and almost always win. It still pisses me off when I think about that bitch who spilled hot coffee on her crotch and got $2 million from McD’s.
I’m spending the weekend in Price (my hometown), so I may not update at all. I’ll probably just spend most of the weekend watching Ty play X-Wing Alliance. 🙂 I was going to bring my mountain bike down and do some riding (it’s the best place in the state for that stuff), but my bike rack won’t fit on my Jeep. 🙁 I bought it when I owned a Ford Escort, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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