Onion Article

Well, I went from updating this page nearly every day to only every other day now. I’ve been busy working on some stuff for my department’s intranet at work (woohoo!), and besides that, I’ve been doin’ a whole lotta nothin’.
In the new Onion, there’s an article about a lesbian gym teacher which (to me) is obviously making fun of the Utah town of Spanish Fork, just a few miles away from where I live. When the Nebo School District found out the volleyball coach was a lesbian, they refused to allow her to coach the team any longer (read the story here.) I don’t know if there was ever any national news coverage of this story, but I’m glad there is now, even if it’s not quite as overt as it should be. I think it’s about time they got some negative publicity rather than the praise they recieved from the local news media.

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