Site Changes

I made a few changes to my page this weekend. I changed the graphics (again) in the menu frame. Hopefully I won’t mess with these again for a long time. I also changed the footer for each document a little bit because a lot of people were getting into my page without seeing the menu frame, so I hope this makes it a little easier to navigate for those people. I also archived January’s news. At the beginning of each month, I’ll archive the previous month’s news because the HTML for this page is pretty extensive, though it doesn’t look like much when viewed in a browser. This page was over 40K, which I thought was too much, especially for those on dialups or slow connections.
Mikey Marshall and I decided we’re going to the cave on Saturday, March 6th, regardless of who is or isn’t coming. I still want to go on the 20th as well, so anyone wanting to come either day can just let me know. As far as I know, only Mike, Matt and I are going for sure, and Markie Smith might also go.

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