I just ordered a Kenwood TH-G71A-HP 2m/70cm hand-held ham radio. I used to have a Kenwood TH-78A dual-bander, but I sold it because I started losing interest in amateur radio (plus, I needed the money). But now that I have a good job, I decided to get another one. The new one’s smaller than my old one, but it will output 6 watts on the 70cm band, as opposed to 5 watts on the old radio. Anyway, it should be here tomorrow, just in time for me to learn how everything works again. I’m gonna bring it to San Francisco with me, though I doubt I’ll have time to actually talk to anybody. But it will be nice to listen to other people talking and help me get back into the amateur radio culture.
I finally got the pictures back that I took of my wife’s truck. Albertson’s has a policy that if your photos aren’t back the day after you brought the film in, they’re free. They took three days to get my pictures done, but I guess that’s not too long to wait if you don’t have to pay. 🙂 I won’t be able to scan the pictures in for quite a while, since I’ll be really busy with work until March 3rd. I took pictures of the skid marks her tires left in the snow, and you can see when they started digging into the soft ground under the snow, which is when the truck flipped. I’ll probably take more pictures of the truck before they haul if off to the salvage yard. We decided we didn’t want to keep it after all, but we are going to take the brand new rims and tires off and replace them with the old ones, and I’m going to take the CD player out and put the stock tape deck back in. I figure since the insurance company doesn’t take nice things like that into consideration when estimating the value of the vehicle, then they can have all the crappy old stuff back and I’ll keep the nice stuff. 🙂

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