Well, how’s it look? It took a while to decide on the font and color for the graphics, but I decided to stick with the same font and just changed the color a little. I also bumped the font size down 2 points for the regular graphic, and then bumped it up 2 points for the mouseover & added a border. Also, for the graphic at the top of each page, I decided to use the mouseover graphic from the menu, so when you load a new page, that graphic is already in your cache and you save a little download time. I also changed the font and link colors, but not much. I just made each a little brighter because it was difficult to read on my monitor at work.
I didn’t make the “About Me” page because I’m too tired now, so maybe I’ll get to it later this week. I did, however, put the rounded-border table around all the Nutty Putty pictures (which took forever).

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