Job Interview

I had a job interview for a managerial position at my company today. Out of all the people that I know about who applied, there’s only one who I think gives me competition (that’s you Doug if you’re readin’ this). šŸ™‚ But I won’t know ’til Monday if I got the job, so wish me luck!
I’ve also been playin’ a lot of Half-Life lately. The graphics aren’t as good as Unreal, and some of the problems you have to solve aren’t very intuitive. In Quake II, when you’re in a single-player game, it’s fairly clear what button’s you’re supposed to push and where you’re supposed to go next. But not in Half-Life. The graphics are ok and the gameplay is ok, but it’s not really all that I had heard it was supposed to be. It’s still worth playing, though…

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