Aaaahh yeeeeaaahhh! I finally got Unreal. The first few times I played, it was only using the 2d portion of my video card. I finally checked all my settings and set the video driver to 3dfx Glide. So now it kicks all kinds of ass! 🙂 This is the first game I’ve gotten that worked right the first time with my card.
Also, I found that my page doesn’t view worth a crap in Netscape. My News and Main pages had a table that was 85% of the width of the frame, and enclosed in <table><tr><td>…</td></tr></table> tags. According to Netscape’s HTML Tag Reference, this is EXACTLY how tables are supposed to work, but Netscape just wouldn’t view it properly, so I removed the <tr><td> tags. Some other things that don’t work are the <font face=…> tag, the <hr color=…> tag, and the <table align=…> tag. I checked ALL of these on Netscape’s html guide, and they should work with Netscape, but don’t. Go ahead, try viewing this page in Netscape and see how shitty it looks compared to IE. Now you know why I’ll never use Netscape. 🙂

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