Problemo Fixed

I got the “too dark” problem worked out now. There was a program called 3Deep on the driver cd which allowed me to correct the gamma. I uninstalled it right after in installed it because every time I started up my computer, it played some stupid ass .avi, which I sure as hell didn’t ask for. There’s no way to turn the damn thing off. Anyway, I installed it again, and it let me turn the gamma way up so I can see in Quake II now. It’s still not as bright as I’d like it, but it’s the best I can do for now. There will probably be a real fix for it soon, because I’ve read about a lot of people complaining about the same problem.
I still can’t get Quake I to work, though. When I try to launch it, it displays the 3dfx logo, then the screen gets dim, and my system locks up. I’ve installed the newest OpenGL driver, and tried a bunch of other fixes, and can’t get anything to work.
I ended up taking a vacation day Friday for the BeefDown II, so now I don’t have to rush down to Price after work to get all set up. See ya there! 🙂

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