Woohoo! I can make it to the Beefdown II after all! I did have plans to do something that night (Nov. 20th), but I just couldn’t miss this! I’ll be practicing 24/7 until then, so watch out Brad! We may have a new contender for 1st place (ok, maybe not.) But anyway, I’ll be a little more prepared than I was last time I got my ass kicked by Ty and Brad. Now, I just gotta fix my headphones…the damn wires came unsoldered from the plug, and I don’t have a soldering iron. (BTW, don’t ever buy Labtec headphones. This is the second pair I’ve had go bad on me, and I took very good care of them.) Well, if anyone wants to come to the Beefdown, get in contact with Brad. There is a limited number of slots available, and it’s goin’ down in Price, Utah.
While I was in Price last Thursday, a call from AirSwitch showed up on my caller ID, but they didn’t leave a message. Maybe service is finally available in my neighborhood. If so, this page will have a new address soon! 🙂 And, we’ll find out if they’re really capable of 10mbps service for the price of a regular dialup.

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