For the New Year’s holiday I had Friday off work, and I spent a couple of hours that day riding my ATV close to town and I found a few geocaches. I’ve been avoiding the caches near home for a couple of months. In fact, any geocache near any type of road has been uninteresting lately. I had nothing better to do this weekend, though, so I found a few geocaches north of Price and even got a first-to-find on one of them. The weather was unusually warm (and has been for several weeks), so it was nice to be riding without freezing.
On Saturday, New Year’s Eve, Traci and I hung out with our friends Chris & Leona and Dave & Becky. Between the three couples we had a lot of kids, and the kids all played together while the adults tried to play some board games. It was an unconventional New Year’s Eve for me, but I had a great time.

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