Bike on Cove Rim TrailI went for a great bike ride this evening. I had Traci drop me off at the trail where I bailed out last week, and I rode it north along the rim of Mead’s Wash for a while, then took a gravel road south for a short distance. Then I got on Luke’s Trail and continued south, and at the end I rode Cove Rim Trail just far enough to get a good overlook of the city before heading back home. I still get my ass kicked a lot on the trail. I have to put one or both feet down pretty often, and have a difficult time on the uphill sections, but I’ve been riding more uphill lately in the hopes that I can get to be a better rider sooner. Here are some photos from the ride. Late evening is really the time to go, with the light just perfect. I still can’t believe how green things are. I guess all the snow we got this winter was good for something.
Traci and I got our garden planted today. It’s pretty late to be planting, but the odd weather combined with being too busy (or simply not caring) has delayed it this year. Since we didn’t start from seeds like we usually do, it was a bit pricey buying live plants. I keep trying to talk Traci out of having a garden each year, but somehow she always convinces me to plant one. Maybe next year will be the year that I convince her not to.

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