Willow Crick

I got out for a short hike through the snow yesterday in Willow Creek Canyon. Even though it was just over half a mile round-trip, it was tiring trudging through a foot of snow over some very steep terrain. I chose that area to hike in because, about ten years ago, Traci and I had stopped there to enjoy the fall colors. We crossed Willow Creek on foot and hiked up a dirt road a short distance and came across an old rock wall. We didn’t stick around to check it out, however, because we also saw some bear footprints in the mud there. I had forgotten about the place until I was browsing though some old photos the other day and saw some shots of the rock wall. I wanted to go back there to see whether the wall was part of an old cabin or mining building, or just a retaining wall for the steep road that goes up the mountainside. From what I saw yesterday, it appears to have been a crude cabin or shelter of some sort, but nearly all the walls are collapsed and overgrown with bushes, and there are no remains of any timbers or roof that may have been there. Although I wasn’t there for long, it was a much needed break the doldrums of being stuck at home all week.

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