Pro Crastinator

I managed to get the brake job done on the truck on Saturday, though it took me another trip to the parts store because one of the wheel cylinders they gave me was the wrong one. That makes nine trips to three different stores in order for me to get the correct parts. I bled the brakes but the pedal feels pretty spongy, so I may not have gotten all the air out of the system. It’s something I’ll have to work on before camping season starts, because I don’t want to be towing a trailer without the brakes working 100%.
My next project will be to fix the fuel leak on the truck. It’s been leaking very slightly for a couple of years, but I never worried about it because it only did it after very long trips. It’s gotten much worse over the past few weeks. I tracked it down to one of the fuel lines going into or coming out of the fuel pump, but they’re buried under some of the turbocharger duct work and some other parts that I can’t even identify, so I’m hesitant to start tearing things apart. Until the leak is fixed, I don’t plan on driving the truck any more than is absolutely necessary. And that means that I’ll probably not be going for any ATV rides until it’s fixed, so hopefully that’s motivation enough to get it done soon.

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