Sid and Chuck

Sid and Chuck Rock ArtI took today off work so I could go hiking with Jason to check out some rock art near the Sid and Charlie rock formation in the San Rafael Swell. I’d been in that area three years ago, but I didn’t realize there was rock art there until after I’d gotten back home from that trip. Today we saw several petroglyph panels and a couple of granaries, but we weren’t able to find some pictograph panels that we knew were in the area. We also hiked to an alcove that was likely used as a Fremont dwelling, and in the general vicinity of that were a lot of chert arrowhead chippings. I brought home a couple of pockets full of jasper that I picked up on our return hike from the alcove, and I eventually hope to tumble and polish them into some nice stones. I’ll have to go back to that area to try finding the pictographs again, and hopefully it won’t take me another three years to make it out there.

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