I’ve been trying to make some improvements around my yard lately, and along those lines, I sold both my ’87 and ’88 Subarus today. The only reason I’ve been holding on to the ’87 is because it only needed a little work to get road-worthy, and it would have been nice to have something besides my truck to beat on. Well, I never really got around to fixing that car, and with the recent purchase of some ATVs, I didn’t have any more use for it. The ’88 was only hanging around just in case I needed parts for the ’87. I made enough money from the sale of both to recover what I had put into the ’87, so I consider it a good deal.
My next project will be to demolish and remove the sidewalk in the driveway. The sidewalk runs along the house foundation and is raised about 6″ above the driveway, and it prevents me from parking the camp trailer close enough to the house to drive the ATVs around the other side of the trailer. With the sidewalk gone I’ll be able to park the trailer in the driveway, drive the ATVs through the driveway (in order to load them into the truck), and still be able to open the camp trailer door. Right now I can only do two of those things at once.

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