Yeah, so…

It looks like the kids and I will be making another attempt at camping in the rain this weekend. Except this time, I plan on fixing the leaks in the trailer roof before we go. Traci’s sister is supposed to have her baby this Friday, so Traci wants to stay in town to goo-goo-ga-ga over the baby. I’m sure Michael and Bradley and I wouldn’t see her anyway if we stayed home, so why not go out and have some fun? We stayed cooped up in the house this past weekend while Traci went scrapbooking with her family, and that was decidedly boring.
Our friends DeViDe usually plan a geocaching event each spring and fall, where a bunch of crazies get together in the San Rafael Swell for some camping and brave the weather to go caching, hiking, and 4-wheelin’. They couldn’t do it this fall, so I picked out a campsite and submitted the event listing. There’s really not much else I need to do–people will just show up and we’ll all have a lot of fun. At least that’s how it always turns out.
I got a roofing contractor (actually, the only roofing contractor in Carbon and Emery counties) to come take a look at my garage roof today. It’s been almost four years since I first noticed the roof leaking, but now I can actually see daylight through a few small holes in the roof. Part of the eaves, which are (ridiculously) made of particle board, are sagging and falling apart. For about $400 or $500 more than I could do the job by myself, they’re gonna tear most of the roof off and put a new one on. Not only that, but it’ll probably only take them a day, where it would take me more than a week. It’ll burn up any savings that I had, but it’s already a relief knowing that it’ll be done reasonably soon.

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