Heavy Lifting

I’d planned on spending the past weekend doing some odd jobs around the house and yard, but on Friday evening I got a call from a friend who lives near SLC who needed some help. He’d done a construction job in Price a while back, and some stuff got left behind on the job site that needed to be cleaned up. He offered to pay me and Mark to clean it up, so that’s what we did on Saturday and Sunday. We hauled off roughly 30,000 pounds of bagged sand and bentonite, about a dozen wooden pallets, and a couple hundred feet of plastic tubing. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much manual labor in my life, and my entire body was sore up until yesterday. We spent about seven hours working, and made five trips to the landfill with both our trucks. I made more than I normally make in a day at my regular job, so it was worth it, and the money will probably go toward a couple more camping trips this year.
I wanted to go camping this weekend since it’s Labor Day weekend and there’s no school or work on Monday, but the weather will be a little on the hot side, and we’d have to go alone because my sister and her family can’t come, so we’ll do it another weekend. I’m going for a short hike on Saturday. I’m really in the mood for a hike, and I’m sure Torrey would like to go for another trip as well. I’m planning on starting near Buckhorn Reservoir and hiking through a wash up the western slope of Cedar Mountain, then I’ll cut across the rough sandstone/conglomerate for a short distance to another wash and hike back down to the car. There’s a small spot about halfway through the hike that, judging from Google Earth, looks to be relatively lush and green for being in the middle of the desert. I’ve hiked just a very short distance up one of the washes before when I found this cache near some rock art and a dinosaur skeleton. The wash bottoms were either gravelly and sandy, or solid rock, so either way the recent rain shouldn’t make it too difficult to hike through.

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  1. I worked construction for a short while a few years ago. I feel your pain. The work you’re speaking of I did daily. But I was in really good shape, I’ll tell you that much.

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